Photo of the YC Press Editor’s Desk

What does YC Press do?

YC Press is a small publisher that nonetheless wishes to ensure that its authors are successful in getting their books to market and enjoyed by the reading public that appreciates photography. That involves some effort in an area called “publishing.”

Here are services involved in that effort:

>> Editing of all sorts (some may be outsourced) … this includes:

  • Manuscript evaluation, which would probably be focused on a Word document.
  • Line editing for flow, tone, and clarity.
  • Copy editing for punctuation, grammar, spelling, and uniformity of style.
  • Proof reading of a final fully formatted and designed book.

>> Design … this includes:

  • Cover design — much more important than many authors realize.
  • Interior Layout of pages of manuscript and photos.
  • Identifying printer requirements.
  • Creation of camera-ready copy (i.e., the pdf file).
  • Identifying the right medium for a book, such as:(hard-cover/paper-back, weight of pages)(This requires identifying desires of author, AND sales economics.)
  • Arrange for registration of the book (e.g., getting an ISBN, and Library of Congress Catalog Number), and performing explicit copyright registration.
  • Arrange for printing of bookYC Press supports a “Print on Demand (POD)” strategy.YC Press will interface with printer to ensure that the book design meets its requirements, and will review the printed copy for any errors not formerly detected during editing.
  • Support for Marketing of bookYC Press does not directly market the books, but will support the author in that effort. This includes identifying where the book can be sold, and at what price. YC Press can work with the author to develop a marketing strategy.

YC Press works hard to achieve success in publishing.