Promising Author

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Promising Author, Yaakov Gridley, kneeling by mountain stream

Yaakov Gridley tells non-fiction stories of his adventures in the books he writes: stories of nature and art. His books feature photos that can be enjoyed at any age, combined with descriptions of the natural surroundings and history of various areas, which enhance the meanings of the photos.

This creative author has spent his life exploring the world and capturing scenes with his camera. But, he also comes home and shares his experiences with his family and friends. If you would like to enjoy some of Mr. Gridley’s journeys with him, then he is an author you might want to explore.

You can often find Mr. Gridley exploring the woods: up to the mountains, down to the swamps, along the canal. He is not limited, however, to exploring only the woods: you can also find him exploring the beach, lighthouses, and dunes. As breathtaking as vistas can be, he also loves to get down on his hands and knees to explore the world of the tiny. Finally, he enjoys urban adventures, and being religious, he enjoys religious art and architecture. In all his adventures, he wants to know the history, and there is much history to explore in the Washington DC area.


Everywhere he goes, his camera goes too, so he can share his journeys with his family, his friends, and you. Come journey with him, friend, and discover with him the wonder of the world in the Washington, DC area. Most of his journeys have not taken him far: mostly within a few hours of Washington, DC. You may find his journeys interesting; want to learn more about the Washington, DC area?  Visit his website at

In his books, you can experience all this in his compelling story-telling combination of pictures and words.