In the YC Press Pipeline

YC Press anticipates publishing a superb photo book on a historic and scenic area with interesting geography that you can visit near Washington, DC.

Cover image of Sugarloaf Mountain book to be published later.

Not only is Sugarloaf Mountain about to be captured in a picture book, but so also is its history and surrounding rural community.  We will all be able to enjoy it in the new book from YC Press by the promising photographer/author Yaakov Gridley.

Mr. Gridley has aimed his camera at the sights all over Sugarloaf Mountain, exploring not only the great views, but also the beautiful world of nature seen from the trails. This book would certainly be of interest to people all over the Washington, DC area, who would then want to come visit this beautiful and unusual mountain and to get closer to nature.

Because Mr. Gridley has also visited the history and local community around the mountain, this book will provide a multidimensional view, encouraging visitors to not only come to see the mountain itself, but also to explore around the mountain. Outstanding wine and food, a world of interesting rural shopping can be found, and horseback riding for those with disabilities (or even without disabilities). And, those visitors can even stay the night in a comfortable little log cabin for a longer visit.</p>

YC Press recommends this book, when it comes out, which is an adventure in its own right, and will guide the reader in a journey through this unique and dynamic location.

The author can be contacted through YC Press by email at


Two other YC Press publications are in the pipeline for later.  One covers the Catoctin Mountain range in Maryland, and the other covers the Appalachian Trail “Maryland Challenge.”