Chincotague-Assateague — A Superb Photo Book On a Romantic Wonderland of Nature That You Can Visit Year Around

YC Press is proud of having released this first in a series of Photo-Journey Guide books by Yaakov Gridley.  This first book focuses on the Chincoteague and Assateague Islands.  Nature in the islands is so alive, dynamic, and wonderfully textured.  The book is entitled Chincoteague-Assateague Seaside Adventure: A Photo-Journey Guide. This book was published in 2020.

The author covers the highlights of the islands in photographs and text that feature a story-telling approach that draws in the reader.  Many of the same attractions are covered that one can enjoy in any season, including the very popular summer season.  This book can be enjoyed both as a vacation planning guide and also a memoir of a fabulous visit to the memorable sights.  Although there is a “Resources” section in the back that lays out some local businesses and attractions, the book endeavors to avoid redundancy with resource listings that are already available on the internet.

This book is generally organized by the land and water sights available to the visitor, such as the lighthouse, the Snow Goose Pond, and of course the beach.  The overall theme of the book focuses on the wonders of nature, such as birds, plants, the night sky, and of course the ever famous ponies.  And all these are captured with pictures that are attractive to readers of any age.

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